Selling land with Partridge

Thinking of selling or developing your land?  

Own land? Our experts can help you unlock its full potential. Whether it’s a large garden, commercial premises, or strategic land, we offer guidance to maximize its value.

Wondering about your land’s worth? Planning permission is key for optimal returns. We provide expertise in obtaining planning permission, leveraging our experience and technical knowledge.

Selling land? You’re in control. Choose your preferred route—we offer support to apply for planning or guide you through selling to builders or developers. With our extensive network, we ensure you get the best price within your timeframe.

Applied for planning consent, but unsure of your next steps?

Reaching this stage is tough. The next few months might be tense, but with positive engagement with the local authority and the right professionals, like architects and planning consultants, you’re on the right path.

Considering future plans? Our fresh perspective and local connections can fast-track your profits. We offer development consultancy, including pricing and market research for when you secure planning. Plus, we can help you decide whether to develop the site or sell the land. Many builders collaborate with landowners to ensure a successful planning application.

Let’s discuss your options confidentially and obligation-free. We’re here to assist.

Has your planning application been refused?  

Having a planning application refused can seem like the end of your journey, but it’s often just the start. There are several routes to follow. Firstly, you could submit a planning appeal, or you can take a more measured approach and consider the reasons for the refusal. Very often a planning decision notice with a refusal will give you the guidance needed to overcome the most pressing issues and once these have been dealt with, a subsequent application won’t be too harshly contested.

A high proportion of planning applications are refused first time, so please don’t give up. We can help you reappraise the scheme, and perhaps help you find a buyer who will take on the challenge of getting the planning consent themselves. Alternatively, you may find yourself working in collaboration with a potential buyer on the basis that, once the planning application is granted, they’ll proceed with the purchase.

 Let’s have a confidential, no obligation discussion to explore the various options open to you. We’re here to help.

Has your planning application been granted?  

Congratulations! Your perseverance has paid off, and now it’s time to review your options. Your asset is highly valuable to house builders and developers, who often lack the time and resources to invest in land without planning permission.

Considering whether to develop the site yourself or sell it? Get an updated land valuation that reflects the planning consent and an appraisal of the new build units’ value to understand the gross development value.

It may make sense to cash out now without building. We can guide you through this process before any major decisions. If you choose to sell the land, we have the contacts to secure a competitive offer.

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We’re dedicated to your business success, building a strong local reputation in the land and new homes market by fully understanding landowners’ and house builders’ needs. Our property consultancy service is tailored for your growth, with marketing plans ensuring a successful launch for new developments. Partnered with our sister business, Land & New Homes Network, and its 300 leading estate agencies across the UK, we provide comprehensive project support from start to finish.

Benefit from our network’s vast experience in site operations, working with top house builders and maintaining high standards. Whether for long or short-term results, we offer expert advice on sales or lets, providing unrivalled exposure for your ventures.

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